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Welcome to The Universe.

Your {"data":["shopping","searching","dreaming","gaming","streaming","coding","browsing","sharing","creating"],"namespace":"ua.a.typeon"} experience just got better.

Real-time Technology.
Curated for you.


One account for a vast universe of agencies, apps, brands, charities, companies, entertainment, entrepreneurs, products, and services that team up to offer you a world-class experience.

You're the secret...

Bring your entrepreneurial mind and craft your corner of the Universe. Build your website, develop your app, and grow your community.

Curated by you.

The Universe is built on a reputation system that has stood the test of time, built thriving communities, and removes bad actors.

Real-time Notifications.{"inner":"57","lastnumber":"75","step":"1000","namespace":"ua.a.count"}+notifications

Secure Payments.

{"src":"../imgs/lottie/padlockv2.json","style":"display:inline;","speed":0.75,"namespace":"lottie.player"}Privacy builtin.

It's your Universe.
Choose what is shared.

Your {"data":["messages are","accounts are","passwords are","identity is","purchases are"],"namespace":"ua.a.typeon"} yours.


Protect your Identity.
Go Incognito.

Create Personas to protect your identity without replicating payment information.{"namespace":"ua.footnote","inner":"All GDPR-protected entities will have a persona created for them."}

Get peace of mind.

Personas are fully functional Universe accounts.

Create one for yourself, your brand, your family, one for every app, one for your podcast, and more.


Letters from The Universe

Spectacular updates from the {"data":["people","brands"],"namespace":"ua.a.typeon"}you love.

{"header":[{"namespace":"h2","class":"text-center bg-blur-black text-white invert fs-1","inner":"Be Creative."}],"namespace":"ua.fs.scrollup","inner":{"data":["Create your brand.","Start that podcast.","Build that app.","Sell those sneakers.","Launch that business.","Share that video.","Real-time subscriptions."],"inner":{"namespace":"div","inner":{"namespace":"p","class":"text-center text-shadow text-h-dark fw-bold text-uppercase fs-1 text-shadow","inner":"${data}"}},"namespace":"repeat"}}

Go beyond notifications.

Connect with your friends, family, musicians, churches, entrepreneurs, comedians, entertainers, and creatives.

Expand your Universe creating one place for you to experience everything you love.

Beautiful Modern Emails and Notifications.

Subscribe how you want — email, text, in-app, and browser notifications.

Subscriptions. At Your Command.

Support your brand through recurring premium subscriptions. You can choose to unsubscribe and resubscribe - all at your command.


Give your {"data":["friends","fans","family","clients","customers"],"namespace":"ua.a.typeon"} peace of mind.

Let's develop that solution today,

Talk to an Universe Experience Agent today instantly from your desktop, tablet, or phone. Click the button below to get started.

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Your portfolio in the Universe.

Stop fraud before it's a thought with instant notifications on any charges for you to reject or approve - before money exchanges hands.

At sale.

We will notify your secure device, allowing you to approve or decline a payment before the transaction is complete.

Know where your money is going.

Do Business.

Share your Credit Card and other payment information as a tokenized method without handing over your physical information. Manage and balance your budget with instant verification of charges.{"namespace":"ua.footnote","inner":"At checkout, you'll know what information will be shared with the vendor. The Universe will only share what's minimally required for the vendor to fulfill the order."}


Let the Cash flow.

Easy subscriptions.

Easy checkout.

Easy Client Loyalty.

Instant receipts. Shipping notifications. All promotional contact points that help keep your customers engaged and funnel new purchases.

At Storefront.

Or Online.

Access to payment types - you have yet to discover.


Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Even accept Cryptocurrency.{"namespace":"ua.footnote","inner":"Cryptocurrency transactions will hold inventory but will not process until the exchange has cleared a transaction."}

Quick Shipping & Tracking
A Central Entity Database
An Instant Sales Journal

Search {"data":["The Cloud","Podcasts","Videos","Websites","Your Computer","Everything"],"namespace":"ua.a.typeon"}.

Search the Cloud.

Search your favorite cloud storage.

Ask the experts.

Search the World Wide Web using your favorite search engine.

Ask AI.

Integrate with ChatGPT and open-source large-model neural networks when you need that extra push.{"namespace":"ua.footnote","inner":"AI is available through integrating with the provider. Large model neural network integrations are not evaluated and may charge for use."}

Ask your computer.

Search your computer when you're away.{"namespace":"ua.footnote","inner":"Using Challenger, you can install native applications by the Universe to securely communicate between your device."}

Calling all App Artisans

Create your connected world that values your customers.


No lengthy registration.

Fast onboarding.

Never configure email again. Ever.

Connect with an existing Universe account and create modern real-time notifications that are visually stunning and promote brand loyalty.


Database by The Universe

Meet Namespace,

A constantly expanding, API-first secure database that connects your services.


Spool up a private instance of the database your App Artisans will love.

SQL, we got that. JSON documents, we have that covered.

Fast Analytics

Pour through millions of records - we won't stop you.

Create backend services and share them with other App Artisans using Namespace's robust API.

Your API.

Share their API.

All the API. One Endpoint.

Logs for every query.

Revision history. Easy rollback.

Versioning and Migration.

You're database wishes it was like this.

Keep your app's Namespace up-to-date without breaking old records.

Transactions, triggers, procedures, and maintenance are all programmed in a common language with an unbelievable process time.


Modern Application Cloud Service

Infinite Scaling.

Stallion is a stateless node.js cloud service that serves your app: front and backend.

Least Hops.

Connects to the next available data center.

Fully Automated.

Stallion spools cloud instances as it monitors your resource allocation.

What the-virtualization.

Secure, reliable hosting backed by the technology that hyper-cloud service is begging for.{"namespace":"ua.footnote","inner":"Stallion only supports applications built on The Universe's tested structure using The Universe Application Toolkit (UAT) and Universe App Modules (UAM)."}

Don't get billed twice.

Use Portfolio for your transactions and zero out that itemized services bill.

Instead of charging you twice, we charge 10% for financial transactions and log how much we collect.

At the end of the month, we'll subtract how much we already collected from your usual hosting, storage, and other fees - usually resulting in zero service charges.{"namespace":"ua.footnote","inner":"Every transaction has a payment overhead, like taxes and fees. We don't include these items in our calculations."}



Your Style.

Our Tools.

Peak performance.

Universe App Tools

Robust RealTime Apps.

The same technology that provides banks instant access to your balance now provides customers instant access to your app.

Our web server provides a secure data channel between your application and customers. Simple data is exchanged between the app and the browser (using Universe App Tools), allowing the server to do the heavy lifting and the client to style your website.

Content that flies onto the page.

HTML5 custom elements library rendered in the browser shares the heavy lifting between server and client for each to perform at their best.

Store page data as JSON or write HTML5 custom tags that generate beautiful pages at lightning speeds.

Curated by App Artisans.


HTML5 First & Native Javascript

Clean Implementation

Create and Share - or even sell - your custom elements in a vast marketplace.

Available to all App Artisans

Code Open to Artisans.

The Universe is open-sourced to current enrolled Application Artisans to enable a strong developer community, security-first deployment, and rapid growth.{"namespace":"ua.footnote","inner":"Artisans with an active subscription have access to the Universe App Tools source code to develop, deploy, and build beautiful universe applications. The source code requires an active developer subscription."}

Let's go.

Let us design your website,

Start the new year right with a freshly designed website created on a world-class platform and developed with a strategic design, taking your business to the next level.

A curated selection of websites designed with Pages by The Universe.

Let's develop that solution today,

Talk to an Universe Experience Agent today instantly from your desktop, tablet, or phone. Click the button below to get started.

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{"namespace":"ua.footnotes","class":"text-muted p-3 text-small","inner":["You agree that all concepts, brands, names, logos, and research is the direct property of The Universe: The EGT Universe, LLc. Abuse is strictly prohibited.","Portfolio-managed data is kept on the owning universe account, and only the information necessary to process your order is shared. In addition, payment data is tokenized and secured.","Portfolio can be used online, in-store, person-to-person, invoice, email, and more. Portfolio in-store payments can be made at any online kiosk or supported terminal.","Portfolio transaction verification must be enabled for the account or specific payment type. Portfolio transaction verification only works when paying using your Universe Portfolio. Portfolio works alongside your bank or current payment type issuer's fraud and protection systems.","Privacy Drop Shipping is only available with a support carrier.","Choose the persona you want to interact with at login or using the persona switcher.","To achieve fast onboarding, your user must already have an Identity with the Universe and will connect their Universe to your service on the first login.","Our web server and Namespace operates on finite hardware resources that are expanded periodically to meet consumer demand. Automation may delay the processing of node expansion until new hardware can be initialized. We actively monitor clusters for health, growth, and reliability.","Developers who deploy Namespace databases and web server apps may need to follow new practices and procedures. Expect developer onboarding time comparable to the application scope.","Our web server is not a traditional node.js server or framework. Our webserver can utilize server-side Universe App Tools to integrate any frontend or backend application.","Our web server does not require databases to be stored in Namespace, but access must be managed via a Universe account for API access.","Universe developer membership is paid annually and includes access to Universe App Tools with your custom style and elements from other App Artisans. Participants in public beta may see a reduced or waived membership.","To speed up development, we used AI with human supervision to control, audit, and help develop code used in The Universe provided by many models. While AI has assisted development, all code generated is adapted and has substantially changed above and beyond license restrictions.","App Artisans have access to parts of The Universe to help develop standards and build an open-source community that thrives. However, an active Application Artisan subscription is required to access the Universe Sorce Code Repositories to protect technology from nefarious actors. The source code is open to enrolled subscribers, not publicly accessible, and subject to the Terms of Services and other policies.","Ask to be included in the next stage of beta; click the chat button at the bottom right of the screen."]}