Welcome to the Universe

The Proxy

(a.k.a) Justin K Kazmierczak

Hello There!

It's The Proxy. Ok, you may not know who that is - yet! I'm Justin Kazmierczak, and in the EGT Universe, I'm known as The Proxy. Why? Well, I can't tell you that. Spoilers... I haven't written that explanation yet.

However, I'm a creative author, director, writer, and excited producer. This universe is based on all the dreams and adventures I had when I was young but I grew them over the years. I developed them into a rich universe of challenging events, conflicted characters, and unrestrained mechanics. Trueth be told, I'm just a man writing stories designed to accomplish that lofty task of changing the world.

I know I'm just a humble adventurer trying to live life and share some joy. That is all. I serve my God, my country... etc... but most importantly I serve you. Well, through the writing anyway! Feel free to send me a message @jumpcutking on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Plus! Connect with The Universe - @egtunivese!

I love ya and look forward to sharing this journey in The Universe with you. Welcome to the Universe!

P.S. I need a new photoshoot...


  • The Events Recorded

    The EGT Universe, also known as "The Universe", is a vast multiverse of adventure, magic, science, fantasy, and intrigue. This is the timeline of produced works that are connected to that Universe. Each work is uniquely connected to each other and some may contain important essential mechanics that expand the adventure of The Universe.

  • Exploit Cover

    In-Prgroess: Live Updates on Wattpad

    A man becomes the target of an Illuminati conspiracy which starts with the shocking murder of his father and ends with the discovery of Magic. Near daily updates.

  • To be released soon...


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