December 30, 2023

Justin Kazmierczak

The Rise of Hope

The Rise of Hope


Published on December 30, 2023

Justin Kazmierczak

I will admit that while I am a writer, I hate writing my introduction. Letting people get to know you does more than establish creditability... it's like a proper handshake. I haven't had a chance to greet you properly, so let's shake hands.

For you to honestly know me and why you should care, you don't need to know my accolades. There are social networks for that. Instead, let me share some secrets with you. It will start a little rocky, but I promise it will make sense.

The Vision

When I was ten years old, back when Sonic the Hedgehog was a bunch of 2D pixels battling Dr. Robotnic on a Sega Genesis, I received a vision of a great awakening in our civilization as a whole (every nation). So, after years of trying to describe my place in this organization, I was inspired by the term "The Proxy." It sounds very Doctor Who-ish, but it happened while dreaming up a script for a movie. In this yet-to-be-filmed film, it was a term used to identify someone a divine player chose to do something specific.

Ok, I don't want to get religious with you, but EGT has been in my heart since that vision 10 years ago. It's full of big revolutionary ideas with aspirations to change the world. However, like many entrepreneurs and business owners, I started working for a company to pay the bills. Just like you, I saw many problems and thus began developing solutions.

When I was 17, I got hired to work for an Enterprise Resource Management software development company; this was back before SaaS became The Cloud. I had the privilege to work with some brilliant people who helped me learn a lot about natural-key databases, double-entry accounting, and building solutions for clients. My full-time job got me into college early, finished high school at college, and started me on a corporate career path, but after a few years, that feeling of being unfulfilled crept up in my heart.

I learned many things from this company that I will always remember, but I had this great desire to accomplish this great vision. That desire was contrary to the corporate flow. It caused hopelessness to creep in, and that depression got into my spirit.

I learned many things from this company that I will always remember, but I had this great desire to accomplish this great vision. That desire was contrary to the corporate flow. It caused hopelessness to creep in, and that depression got into my spirit.

Pursing The Vision

When I was 21, I went to a Christian college in Ohio and pursued like-minded people; I forged many connections. I got a full-time job working with inspiring men and women who were changing the world, feeding the hungry, and building a church community.

I worked endless hours, and the ordinary things of life, like family, paying bills, and forging friendships, would disappear if it weren't for my spiritual connection with The Lord and through The Holy Spirit. In that case, I'd probably not be around because of the isolation that happens when you're not careful to pay attention to the details of your life as you strive to accomplish something.

I'd akin it to OCD, but the desire to accomplish something gets strong, not unlike an MMA fighter whose eyes go red with fury when someone enters the ring. The fighter doesn't see the crowd, only his opponent and nothing else, except unlike in a limited-time MMA fight rounds - one round could last for years. Let's pause here for a moment.

Every Good Thing

The Universe technology has been actively developed and designed since 2001. Although it's moved tech chains, the principles are sound: the complicated components in app development should be made easier. It's the tech part of that vision I shared earlier and the "T" part of the "E-G-T" logo. Every Good Thing in Entertainment, Gaming, and Technology. Why? Because people consume entertainment and Gaming like nothing else, technology provides the tools that enable a vision like this to scale.

The long-term goal of The Universe is a network of people building their vision and pursuing their dreams on a framework designed for both success and world-changing. It's a part of that vision - enabling you to pursue your dreams with the resources you need to do so.

The Point of The Backstory

I'm at heart a minister of the Gospel - just one operating on the scale of secular society than that of a traditional church community. Why?

The little bit of backstory I shared is way more common than I admitted earlier. I interviewed many people with aspirations and dreams and attempted to pursue their place in this world. Many start young, full of hope, but later lose their hope due to circumstances beyond their control or because they don't know where to go to pursue that dream—that joy of the promise of tomorrow.


I hypothesize the lack of hope has the potential to destroy entire civilizations. Can you remember the American Dream?

I suggest that many civilizations rise and fall not due to political pressures but because their citizens lose all hope for a better tomorrow and give up.

You don't need to give up. You have a passionate pursuit of a destiny hand-picked for you by the pavilions of heaven. Simply put, you have a reason for being here. You are more than cosmic dust taking up space; you have something to accomplish that is spiritually profound, not physically acquisition-based.

The secular world believes a separation of religion is a good thing, and for a religion that promotes manipulation and abuse of their power - I agree.

Let's wrap it up.

Back to Sonic The Hedgehog, because I'd rather ignore the beginning and skip to the end; I'm not too fond of fillers; you can access a level selection screen with a whole host of specialized controller key combinations. Similarly, in life, you and I have a cheat code - except it's not a level selection screen to skip to the end. It's a cheat code that provides the power to stay under, grow, and thrive beyond all expectations at the appointed time - we all have equal access.

Through my travels across the United States, I have discovered that most people have abandoned everything they are to get through the day. I came close to that once, but the Holy Spirit intervened through that divine cheat code and infused me with hope. The Holy Spirit provided a hope for today and a hope for tomorrow.

Thriving in the Waiting

For a season, I was called to wait. Waiting in this context isn't stationary. By waiting, I mean studying and growing. Waiting in God's Kingdom is not a passive term; it's just God saying: "Be patient. It will take time, so whatever I send you to do - do it with all your heart and all your being."

Just remember to take a day of rest while pursuing the knowledge you need. Pursue peace. Learn from the great people around you. Pursue the vision, but don't overtake the waiting period by creating your own thing too early. Patience is the art of staying where God wants you, living in his peace, and pursuing the vision but doing so in God's timing.

In the past few months, I have discovered that everything I have been doing, observing, learning, and growing has accelerated me to this moment. The moment where, in 23 years, I finally have a website that reflects the vision God placed on my heart and gives new meaning to the tablets of stone Jeremiah was told to write his vision on - so the person who sees it (you) could run with it—a hope for a better tomorrow.

EGT, The Universe, is designed to point you toward hope. Offer you tools to pursue your vision and purpose and help you grow. Along the way, see the Glory of God and choose for yourself. In any case, I want to help cultivate this venture to help you grow. Help you be you. The real you, the version that is hiding under years of hopelessness. The inner child craving for you to see the light of day. It's not dead - that dream of yours - it's alive, and now, more than ever, is the time to choose to pursue it.