Fair Use & Attribution

Effective date: August 13, 2018

The Universe believes in Fair Use and sharing your unique universe experience with the world. However, EGT and The Universe content is the intellectual property of Justin K Kazmierczak, EGT, The Universe, and other applicable parties. In order to allow you to share, collaborate, and spread the excitement, we created this fair use policy.

Good Faith Use

We call this, "Good Faith" because The Universe believes that you are generally an honest person and don't intend any harm to our brand or image. In fact, we believe that when you share our material it helps us grow a vibrant creative community and reach more audience members.

Use the following bullet points as your check-off list to know that you're posting a quote, or creative element in a safe, positive, and dispute freeway.

  1. You showcase the brand or the author or like partner in a creative and positive way.
  2. You surround the quote with positive, affirming, encouraging content that respects the views of the author and The Universe.
  3. You generally have a positive and creative brand image that supports creative works that may not always agree with your views.
  4. If your reviewing a work, your review is not biased, not overly critical, and is constructive. It provides collaborative feedback for improvement and respects the original views (moral, ethical, and political) of the orginal content provider (such as an author, or a director).
  5. Your not using our material to sell any service, to join us to your brand, or make a political statement (including hot-topic social and cultural items) without our prior written consent and an active license by The Universe.
  6. You're not a member of the press whose organization participates in negative spin.
  7. You are an ethical creative or journalist.
  8. Your open to receiving a contact from The Universe to discuss something you posted for collaboration and improvement without charging a cost or requiring a license.
  9. You're not using the universe brand in an unlicensed way.

Need a license, just contact us from one of our social media channels. We want to support your creativity and we can often license our content for free or low cost depending on your brand, image, and the possible demographic reach.


Books & Quotes

To quote a book from the universe, simply add the following attribution at the end of every quote or at the end of an article or book as a footnote. The Book Name or Article Title, The Orginal Author (if noted), The Universe, The Date of the Publication, © EGT. All Rights Reserved. Quoted with Attribution.

You may not quote more than 10% of a chapter at any time. You also may not print or make a profit from the quote without applying for a merchandising license. A Merchandising license can range between 10-30% of the profit, charged per product, with transparent reporting. Just send us a message on any of our social media platforms. We'd love to license you!

Social Media Posts

This one is simple! You already do it naturally - just repost, reshare, program, the content from one of our Social Media with the username tag: "@egtuniverse" and the hashtag "#egtuniverse". If you don't use those tags, it could be considered a copyright dispute or theft of intellectual property.

All Other Fair Use Items

The Universe doesn't like to hinder your creativity, so generally speaking, if you add a copyright notice and are not making a profit from the post (or post on an account cultivated to advertise third-party products) you may be in the clear.

However, The Universe can't possibly know every possible situation which may or may not hinder someone's intellectual property. We'll always be kind and respectful regarding notices of copyright infringement and intellectual property theft but we ask that you honor any requests to pull down content as fast as it takes to post it. For social media, we may expect a quick turn around but for a website or video, we know it could take a day or 2.